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Handout and/or Presentation files from the May meeting are now available.

RUG only operates its meetings and programs remotely via Zoom. If you are able to offer a topic suggestion, present a program, or author an article for the monthly newsletter, please email

9:00 Susan Johnston
Susan Johnston
Land Records: The Research

Handout: An Introduction to Land Records for Genealogists (PDF)

10:15   Break

10:30 Janis Rodriguez
Janis Rodriguez
"Land Records: The Search; Using the FamilySearch Full-Text Search"

We welcome members and new users!

Come join us on the morning of our meeting by clicking HERE.

Join us for our meeting by downloading and installing the FREE Zoom App. Go to Under "Resources" on the black bar at the top of rhe page, click on "Download Zoom Client". You do not need the paid application to view a meeting hosted by the RUG, we have the license to host up to 100 people.

RUG plans to inform members in three different ways of the link members need to access each meeting. First, an email with the ZOOM link will be sent the night before the scheduled meeting by the webmaster. The link also will be posted on the front page of the RUG website on the morning of the meeting. This same Zoom link will be posted for attendees on the TMG List. Therefore you will have three ways to enter the RUG meetings. They all are the same link!

Please take time now to create an account with ZOOM — if you have not already. Go to We would appreciate your creating a profile that states your first name or initial and last name, whether or not you are a RUG member, and your location. For example: Connie Jeremiah, RUG M, VA. If you wish, include a photo in your account profile. When you are in the meeting, you can change it by clicking on the '...' on your picture or clicking on '...' after your name in the Participants list, and then clicking on "Rename".

ZOOM has different functions that we will be using for the meeting, including the chat box for you to communicate with RUG and other attendees, the Raise and Lower Hand function, and the ability to voice your questions and comments live. It will be a learning process as RUG determines how best to use these features. Please tune in and help us with the new platform.

FOR ZOOM BEGINNERS: David Hopper shared a link to an excellent orientation video from his wife whose quilting group Zooms monthly: (Note, we will not be doing breakout rooms or polls.)

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August 10 --   NO MEETING!

Your Suggestions!

Our priority is to offer presentations that address questions related to updating, protecting and sharing the precious data carefully collected within our TMG projects. Drawing on the useful tips in Terry Reigel's article titled "The Future for TMG Users" (see, we are offering programs focused on TMG's unique strengths. A second goal is to provide programs about sharing data through Reports, Second Site and GEDCOM. The third goal is to highlight non-TMG resources that offer benefits to members, such as TMG Utility, cloud-based services and DNA.

Please suggest presenters and topics, or volunteer yourself to speak at RUG meetings onsite or remotely via Zoom. Suggestions should be addressed to: Programs at Rootsusers.Org

The latest (or last) "Install" files are now available for TMGv9, TMGv8, TMGv7, TMGv6, TMGv5, and TMGv4 on our TMG Installer page.
TMG Version 9.05 is available for download!
(as of 3 December 2014) (tmg9setup.exe or tmg9uksetup.exe)
Licenses are available from Harry Goegebeur of Belgium (Harry.Goegebeur at
Second Site Version 8.03 Released!
(as of 7 November 2022) (Visit Website)
GedSite Version 5.00 Released!
(as of 2 July 2024) (Visit Website)
TMG to GEDCOM (T2G) Version 1.06 Released!
(as of 13 January 2021) (Visit Website)
Gedcom Publisher Version 2.04 Released!
(as of 6 December 2023) (Visit Website)
TMG Utility Version 7.4 is available for download!
(as of 12 August 2020) (Visit Website)
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