The files available to read or download are either in compressed form (.zip files, to minimize the size and download time), or are MS Word documents (.doc files), MS PowerPoint files (.ppt or .pps files), WordPerfect files (.wpd), or Adobe PDF files.

For .zip files, after downloading, you must "unzip" them. To do this you may use any of several unzipping programs. If you need one, you can download either of two free programs:

Zip Reader for Windows (free)
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WINZIP (free for 21-day trial period)
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Follow the directions on the corresponding site to download and install it.

RUG Meeting Presentations

TMG 6.x Keyboard Template Replacement - Hot Key Info at a Mouse Click

Read the PDF file (one page) and print it out locally. This article will also be published in a future issue of the RUG Newsletter.

TMG Tricks and Tips from Wholly Genes Cruise in November 2005

Download the PDF file and print it out locally.

TMG Font Sizes

In mid-2005, Paul Lawrence made a list of what is affected by the different font size settings in TMG's Preferences menu selection. It is presented here as an aid to TMG users (PDF file).

In April 2010, Janis Rodriguez made a list of font sizes that RUG members who make presentations should use from their laptops. It is presented here as an aid to TMG users (PDF file).

TMG 5.x Users Guide

Although we do not have a copy of the PDF file on the RUG website, you may read the TMG 5.x for Windows Users Guide (PDF file, 991 KBytes) from the Wholly Genes website.

TMG "Cheat Sheets"

Here are links to three "cheat sheets" — single-page list of commonly used codes, variables, and short-cuts. The author placed far more importance on efficient page layout than on comprehensiveness or intelligibility. You are free to modify them in any way you see fit for your own use. The web page from which we retrieved them (with the permission of the creator) is:

TMG 5 Keyboard Template

You may read a PDF file (as a .pdf file) or download a WordPerfect file (as a .zip file) containing the keyboard template for version 5.x of The Master Genealogist. There is a choice of English or German for the PDF files, the latter compliments of Juergen Drees.  Please notify us if you find any errors or have suggestions; you may email us here.

Transferring from UFT to TMG5

Paul Lawrence has updated his article originally published in the September 2000 issue of the RUG newsletter to reflect the latest version of The Master Genealogist. You may read the PDF file (492 KBytes) and print it out locally.

Establishing Multiple UFT Projects with Independent Libraries

Dick Cleaveland's article in the April 1999 issue will be of special interest to UFT users faced with transferring UFT projects to new computers. Read the PDF file (15 KBytes) and print it out locally.