Moving TMGv9 to a New Computer

If you don't already have the latest version of TMG (v9.05), you can download it from the RUG website (tmg9setup.exe or tmg9uksetup.exe)

Licenses are available from Harry Goegebeur of Belgium via email at (Harry.Goegebeur at genea.be) for a nominal fee.

You will need your license key to unlock TMGv9 on the new computer.

Locate your email from Wholly Genes. If you don't have it (or cannot find it), you can see that information on your old computer.

From the menu, select "Help", then select "About The Master Genealogist".

If you would like to save that information, then from the menu, select "Help", then select "Technical Support". Then click on the "Trouble Report" button. A small window appears indicating where on your computer the file "trouble.txt" is saved, so that you can remember it. You will also be asked if you'd like to open that file in your word processor (actually, your text-based editor); you should then click on the "Yes" button.

At the very beginning of the file is the information you will need to unlock TMGv9 on the new computer.

You should also read Terry Reigel's tips for moving data to a new computer on his website at

Programs That Have Migration Paths From TMG

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Last update: 12 October 2017