Migrating from TMG

Note that this page is a work-in-progress...

These are a few programs that the RUG and its members has been following as possible migration paths for your TMG Projects.

Programs That Have Migration Paths From TMG

The RUG has identified the following programs whose developers have stated that they can import TMG data.

From TMG to History Research Environment (HRE)

Since 2005, experts in different computer fields have begun work on this multi-year project. Most information about the History Research Environment (HRE) is on their website at http://historyresearchenvironment.org. Click on the "NEWS" link at the top of the page for the latest information. Click on the "ARTICLES" link (and sub-topics below that) for background information about HRE.

From TMG to Roots Magic

Information about Roots Magic can be found at http://www.rootsmagic.com/RootsMagic/. Check out their "TMG users have a new home" web page at http://rootsmagic.com/tmg/.

You can minimize losses migrating from TMG to RootsMagic: (1) Before importing TMG into RootsMagic, "clean up" TMG, and (2) After importing into RootsMagic, "clean up" RootsMagic. This procedure is outlined in "Moving Data from TMG to RootsMagic" at http://files.rootsmagic.com/TMGDoc.pdf

From TMG to Family Historian

Information about Family Historian can be found at http://www.family-historian.co.uk/. Check out their FAQ for TMG users at http://www.family-historian.co.uk/support/faq-tmg.

From TMG to Legacy

Information about Legacy can be found at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/. Check out their web page about "soon" importing files from TMG at http://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2014/09/legacy-family-tree-will-soon-import-files-from-the-master-genealogist-software.html. Also check out Genealogy's Star web page about this at http://genealogysstar.blogspot.com/2014/09/legacy-family-tree-to-support-master.html.

From TMG to ... as "Refugees"

Information about "refugees" examining ALL alternatives can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/tmgrefugees/.

At the top of the "TMG Refugees" web page are five tabs:

There is also an email list; information about how to join is at lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/TMG-REFUGEES.html

Last update: 25 July 2017