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The following items are available for borrowing or purchase from the RUG Library.
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DVDs of RUG Meeting Presentations

DVDs can be purchased from the RUG Library for US$5.00 cost which covers burning and mailing the DVD. It is suggested that you download the handouts from the presentation from the Downloads section to maximize the training. Members may also borrow a DVD at any of our RUG meetings. A deposit of US$3.00 will be returned to you when the DVD is returned to the RUG. Please contact the Librarian in advance of the meeting.

TMG Basic Layout, Toolbars, and Preferences (Part 1) TMG 5 13 March 2004 Carol Whitton
TMG Basic Database Clinic TMG 5 10 April 2004 Carol Whitton
TMG Source Categories TMG 5 12 June 2004 Catherine Wilson
On-line Resources TMG 5 12 June 2004 Carol Whitton
TMG Beginning Reports TMG 5 10 July 2004 Mike Nolen
TMG Advanced Reports TMG 5 10 July 2004 Carol Whitton

Training Media – narrated by Bob Velke, President of Wholly Genes Software

The following Wholly Genes™ training media may be borrowed by RUG members, one at a time for one month. Training media are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a deposit for media borrowed at a meeting, to cover the cost of replacement. For media borrowed via mail, there is a nominal charge for mailing, plus the deposit. The deposit will be returned after the media is returned to the RUG. Failure to return the media within two months will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

The Master Genealogist – "Getting Started" TMG 5 VHS Index
The Master Genealogist – "Intermediate" TMG 5 VHS Index
The Master Genealogist – "Getting Started" TMG 5 DVD Index
The Master Genealogist – "Intermediate" TMG 5 DVD Index
The Master Genealogist – "Advanced" TMG 5 DVD Index
The Master Genealogist – "Expert" TMG 5 DVD Index

NOTE: The Training Media and book are both available for purchase from the Wholly Genes website (

Book – Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist

This extremely popular book, edited and compiled by Lee H. Hoffman, supplements the official Users Guide and will help you tap into the full power and flexibility of The Master Genealogy (TMG). Again, a deposit is required until you return the book.

Video – Searching and Grouping in Ultimate Family Tree (UFT)

This slide show, narrated by Dick Cleaveland, describes the searching capabilities of Ultimate Family Tree, and how to use a combination of searches to develop a group of individuals which can be used to limit the scope of reports, GEDCOM outputs, and so forth. This presentation is available both on CD and on VHS video tape. The CD contains a printable PDF file of the presentation. To see an independent review of this CD see Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter for November 8, 1999.

Members may borrow this video tape for a nominal fee and a deposit which will be refunded when the tape is returned. The compact disk is available at near cost. See "Keys to the RUG" in any recent issue of the newsletter.

Or, you may download these two files from our website: