Bob Velke's Tapes and DVDs for TMG

Tape/DVD I: Getting Started

Part A, about 30 minutes

  1. Navigation
  3. Picklist
  4. Cue Cards

Part B, about 15(?) minutes

  1. Data Entry
  2. Tags
  3. Person
  4. Citation
  5. Tag Type
  6. Find/Search
  7. Add Source
  8. Exhibits

Part C, about 15 minutes

  1. Reports
  2. List of Reports
  3. Descendant Box Chart
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Tape/DVD II: Intermediate

Part A, about 35 minutes

  1. Sources and Repositories
  2. Sureties
  3. Advanced Data Entry

Part B, about 10 minutes

  1. Accents
  2. Flags

Part C, about 10 minutes

  1. Multiple Projects and Datasets
  2. Data Set Manager
  3. Locked vs. Unlocked
  4. Import data

Part D, about 35 minutes

  1. Display Windows
  2. Layouts, Arrangements, Moving
  3. Toolbars, Bookmarks, Editing
  4. Project Explorer and Filter
  5. Focus Groups
  6. Image and Flag Windows
  7. Customize person information
  8. Change desktop resolution
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DVD III: Advanced

Douglas Hill of the Ottawa TMG Users Group has prepared a more detailed index.

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DVD IV: Expert

Custom roles, Sentence structures, Source templates,
Citation output, Chart accents, and Editing charts.
See Details.

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