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If you are not familiar with the RUG's Privacy Policy, please click on the "RUG Privacy Policy" link on the left. Completion of the RUG Membership Application form indicates that you agree with that policy.

As a convenience to our members, membership includes electronic delivery of the RUG newsletter.

If you desire to receive the RUG newsletter as hardcopy and have it mailed to you, we must charge you an additional $24 per year, thus the one year membership totals $39.

* Non-US residents: Please pay with a money order drawn on a bank which is a member of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Our bank charges a $7.50(US) fee to process a foreign check. Or, you may pay online using PayPal or a credit card.

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RUG is now offering our members the opportunity to forego receipt of a printed copy of the newsletter and depend only on receiving the PDF file electronically, either by downloading it from our website, or as an email attachment.

However, you may still receive the newsletter in hardcopy form mailed to you via US Mail, but at an additional cost of $2 per issue.

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Your email address is important to us. The RUG sometimes must communicate quickly to its membership. Your email address is the means we use for that communication. In addition, you'll receive an electronic copy of your membership application information and, as your membership nears the expiration date, reminders for renewal via this email address.
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Note that we ask if we can include your name, address, telephone number, and email address on our published membership roster. With your permission, we publish this along with a zip code index. The intent is to make it possible for members to communicate among themselves and for those in a given area to discover each other. We never provide this member list to others or post it in a way that makes it easy for anyone to capture the email addresses. We only publish data if we have your permission.
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You will receive a Welcome email that includes your username and password for access to the Members Only section of our web site where you will find copies of all of our newsletters back to 1994. In addition there are links for you to change your email address, change your mailing address, and download presentations that are made at our meetings. In the public part of our website there are links to many other interesting facets of the RUG: audio recordings of our meetings, a link to search our web site, and links to web sites of genealogical significance. Don't forget to look at our by-laws, descriptions of our officers and their duties and more.