RUG Needs Volunteers for Officer Positions

We ask that you, our members, step up — nominate yourself or another member for a position as a RUG officer — to help revitalize our users group (we're not getting any younger, you know).

RUG by-laws require the publication of nominated officers for the coming year. We will place those nominations in our November newsletter which you should receive before the November 11 RUG meeting. Elections will be held at that meeting.

In addition, the next-to-last page of any newsletter lists our current officers. As you can see there, the positions of President and Program Chair are still vacant.

You can also see our current officers and volunteers on the web page at

Please volunteer!!

For more information, contact Janis Rodriguex at VicePresident at, Connie Jeremiah at RUGMembership at, or Mike Nolen at mnolen1 at

We really need YOUR participation.

Thank you!

The RUG Executive Committee