There are several ways in which the organization's members help each other besides through the newsletter or at meetings. Each member receives a roster of those members who have agreed to be listed (over 90% of them agree). This roster includes the postal address, telephone number and e-mail address of the individual, and at the end recaps with a list of surnames sorted by zip code. This helps members locate other members nearby, if possible. The updated roster is published yearly as a supplement to the newsletter.

Our officers and the newsletter editor respond to questions from our members, either directly or through a newsletter article if deemed to be of general interest. Several of our members contribute to the  Wholly Genes forum (for TMG), the UFT user bulletin board, and the mailing lists for TMG, Second Site (on Google Groups, in a new tab/window) and UFT (these are the most active places to get help).

One less obvious way in which members help each other is in the interaction of the organization with the developers of the software, its owners, and marketing company.  The statistics we keep on our members systems and problems are used to advise them about the impact of potential changes to their software.