You said:

"I am currently using ROOTS IV and want to install UFT. I don't care about the directory name for my data and programs and I want to shift immediately to use UFT without the ability to go back to use ROOTS IV."

This is a very simple case, and is to be recommended IF and ONLY IF you are willing to undertake the process of learning UFT at once. The on-screen appearance of UFT is quite different from that of ROOTS IV, but making the transition should not be too difficult if you have had experience with other windows programs.

When you install UFT select the "update a previous version" option. The install program will search your disk(s) and find your ROOTS IV installation and ask you If this is the one you want to update. Answer yes, and go through the rest of the installation. When it comes to opening your project(s) the first time identify them as ROOTS IV projects; you will find them in the directory in which you had ROOTS IV.

If in the future you wish to have the directory name "UFT" as opposed to "ROOTS4" (or whatever you had) then all you have to do is change the name of the directory. Unlike earlier versions, UFT when next opened, will automatically find your project and library files in its UFT directory. There is one exception to this - the REVENT library will not have been renamed. However, when you first have occasion to use the REVENT library you will be asked to point to it - and it will be displaying it in such a manner that it will be easy to click on.