You said either:

"I am currently using ROOTS V and want to install UFT. I want to shift immediately to use UFT but want to retain the ability to go back to use ROOTS V if I wish."


"I am currently using ROOTS V and want to install UFT. I don't want to shift immediately to use UFT; I want to continue to use ROOTS V until I'm satisfied I know enough about it."

These are pretty much the same case for installation, it just depends on what you do after installation.

FIRST, install UFT selecting the option to "install into a new directory". We recommend using the default directory name \UFT.

SECOND, you must copy ROOTS V project, library and dictionary data files over to your UFT directory. Do this with DOS XCOPY commands (open a DOS window) as follows (replacing "ROOTS5" with whatever your current ROOTS V directory is). When asked "Overwrite" answer "A".

The last three commands are to cover the case where you added words to your dictionary, added event types from the event window while in the normal editing mode, and created research tasks while working on the ROOTS V project with a prior installation of UFT.

THIRD, if you have made additions or changes to the REVENT library in ROOTS V and wish to retain them with UFT, perform the following DOS command, again replacing "ROOTS5" with the name of your current ROOTS V directory:

FOURTH, and THIS IS IMPORTANT, rename your original ROOTS V directory to something else (add an "x" to make it "ROOTS5x", for instance). This will prevent UFT from finding the original set of files - so that it will use just the copies.

FIFTH, start UFT(double-click on the big "Ultimate Family Tree" box at the top of the gateway screen) and after the initial screen ("OK" the tip) choose the "open an existing project" option. This should be followed by a file selection box already showing your project(s); double-click the one you want and it should open satisfactorily.

SIXTH, rename your ROOTS V directory back to what it was to begin with (remove the "x" you inserted in the fourth step).

YOU ARE FINISHED! When you start ROOTS V you will be using the original data files; when you start UFT you will be using copies of them.

Verify by checking to see if each of your projects is using the correct set of files by opening each project in the \UFT directory with UFT, clicking on "About Ultimate Family Tree", clicking on the "System info" button, then selecting the "Project Files and then the "Library files" tabs. All of the files listed should be in the UFT directory.

IF YOU WISH, you can access either set of project information from either program by simply closing the active project and, after clicking on the menu item "File" and then "Open", navigate to the project in the appropriate directory. If you do this, be careful to remember what project you are using, if you update both copies of a project there is no way you can combine the updates. It might be wise to change the description of the project (File, System info) of one set to help you remember.

IF YOU DECIDE TO USE THE ROOTS5 copy of your data for updates, and later decide to switch to the use of UFT, you should REPEAT THIS ENTIRE PROCEDURE before erasing the ROOTS V directory. You may wish to print these instructions to be sure they are available to you at that time.