Navigating TMG's ADVANCED Video Tutorial

This is a more detailed Table of Contents, including exact start times for each chapter and subject. Chapter titles (also called 'scene' titles) placed between square brackets, such as [Intro], do not explicitly show on the screen at the start of that particular chapter. It is easy to navigate the DVD using Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

The Ottawa TMG Users Group is using sections of the Advanced and Expert videos as training materials at their monthly meetings.

Chapter Start time
Chapter Title or subject
1 0:00:00 [Macro Vision screen]
2 0:00:21 [Intro]
  0:01:08 picklist
  0:03:30 (more) preferences
  0:04:10 automatic “relation” tag
3 0:10:28 Custom Toolbar
  0:11:27 bookmark toolbar
  0:14:05 text editing toolbar
  0:15:20 custom toolbar [with long list of possible items]
4 0:22:25 Report Focus Options
  0:24:20 selecting subjects of reports
5 0:30:15 [Designing Report Filters]
  0:38:00 filter the Project Explorer & Picklist
6 0:47:26 [Using Report Filters and Tags]
  0:47:50 List of Selected People report - options
  0:52:00 places
  0:54:00 custom tags in tag groups
  1:00:27 custom flags and flag manager
  1:04:00 using List of People secondary output to populate flags, create new project, or create new dataset
7 1:10:50 Advanced Report Options
  1:11:00 reporting toolbar
  1:17:30 sensitive & excluded data
8 1:25:16 Indexes and Other Publication Tools
  1:26:00 output file formats available
  1:27:30 create table of contents and indexes in Word
  1:30:40 Adobe Acrobat format
9 1:30:51 [Watermarks] for Acrobat format
  1:32:10 end of tutorial

Prepared by Douglas Hill (