25th Anniversary

February 2014 marked the 25th Anniversary of the RUG!

Bob Velke appeared in person to talk about the evolution of computer genealogy software over the years, how things have changed, and where genealogy programs are headed in the future.

Bob also announced TMGv9!

Watch and listen to his talk at Bob-Velke-February2014.mp4 (255 MBytes). (If your browser doesn't bring it up when you click on the link, you can download it: Right-click on the link, "Save As..." to save it locally; Double-click on the file where you saved it.)

Pictures at the 25th Anniversary Party!

Dick Cleaveland and Dorothy Exley remembrances (.mp3)

(The .mp3 file may not work properly in the Firefox browser, but you can right-click and "Save As..." to save the file locally, and then double-click on it.)