2017 Topics for RUG Discussion

Although the following are grouped together according to similar topics, it is not in any order of importance or priority. We will try to answer and/or demonstrate as much as the following as possible. Of course, things may go a lot better/quicker with your Participation.

Discussion Items from RUG 2017 Survey

Backup and Restore Discussion

Note that cloud backup programs (such as DropBox) should NOT be executing at the same time that you are working in TMG.

Discussion about Photo Exhibits

We will try to performa a "Show-and-Tell" session about entering photo exhibits into TMG (internal or external?) and getting them to display properly in TMG itself as well as on web pages generated by Second Site.

Identifying Persons in TMG

How do you search for individuals with certain characteristics related to their genealogical data? How do you search for individuals with: (1) no parents, (2) no children, (3) no spouses, and (4) any combination of these (especially #1 and #2)?

Updating TMG Database

One of our members suggested:

I would like to replace (or merge) another "extremely good" database of a family branch into my current database. And as automatically as possible. But as simply and accurately as possible.

Working with TMG and MS Excel

Another of our members asked:

What is the best way to use MS Excel as output of TMG?

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